Month: September 2011


“Butch! Stop it!”

Damn dog. Can’t ever take you for a walk without you trying to chase every squirrel you see. How can anything be so easily distracted?


“So anyway, I’m sitting there at my desk and the new account manager comes in. She is all dressed up for the meeting with corporate. Man, I had never seen her in a skirt before…”


The Flower

The snow floated down lazily with each flake giving way to those that fell beneath them until coming to rest on the white blanket that spread out across the city. The late morning sun ricocheted brightly off the monochromatic landscape. Winds whipped through the yard of the small brick house where death lived.  In the midst of the cold a single flower stood in defiance of winter’s invasion. Red petals clung to the stem that gave them life. Winter had come in the night and stolen the color from the city.

He hated the winter. The vibrant hues of life were the only thing that made it worth going on. Staring out his window he was mesmerized by the flower. It had stood up against the onslaught of white that had destroyed his beautiful world and for that it would never die. He would protect it against…well himself. His name was Bob and he was death.


The 4th of November

For Debbie

If it were within my power to give…

Ian hated not knowing the answer. He always had. Even as a child his deep blue eyes searched for the answers to questions most of the adults had never thought to ask. It was one of the things that drove him to become a scientist.

When he was first approached with this job offer, the secrecy surrounding the project intrigued him, but now it was driving him crazy. He enjoyed the cutting edge laboratory, the six-figure salary, and the molecular challenge that he was hired to fix, but the question of what it was all for plagued his mind more and more each day.