“Butch! Stop it!”

Damn dog. Can’t ever take you for a walk without you trying to chase every squirrel you see. How can anything be so easily distracted?


“So anyway, I’m sitting there at my desk and the new account manager comes in. She is all dressed up for the meeting with corporate. Man, I had never seen her in a skirt before…”

“Is she hot?”

“Bro. She has these legs…”

“You are so lucky. My boss is this fat… Lucky! Stop!”

“I hate that. Stupid dogs trying to chase a squirrel just ‘cause he sees it move.”

“I know right! Ok, so your boss…”

“Oh, right. So she comes walking by my desk in this tiny skirt and white button up top. And to top it off she is wearing those librarian looking glasses!”

“Oh snap! You are so lucky.”

“I’m telling you man, if I could just…”

“Daaaaaamn! Look at that!”

“Oh my god. That girl is fine!”

“I need to walk my Lucky here more often.”

“For real. Hey, are coming over to watch the game… Butch! Damn it! It’s just a squirrel! Stop it!”

“Stupid animals. All they ever wanna do is chase what they could never catch.”

Copyright © 2011 Adam Drake



  1. I enjoyed your stories, they are short little moments in life. And thanks for putting us onto Indie Ink, sounds like a great way to get feedback and inspiration! I might just do a blog post about it! 🙂

  2. Just wanted to stop by and browse through some of your stories. Thanks again for your reply on my post! I enjoyed reading “Squirrel” – very entertaining, but short and to the point. My fave. 🙂

  3. Well done, I like this, felt like I could really picture the scene even though it’s all dialogue. Nicely structured.

    Thanks for finding me on here, look forward to reading more of you’re stuff x

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