Month: January 2012

My Pulitzer Speech

To Those Who Read My Words,

Please forgive me as I set aside my attempt at witty prose and likable characters to share something with you. I understand that this post is breaking a pretty solid pattern and that is inherently dangerous, but I feel as though the message I have for you is worth the risk. It is simply this, THANK YOU.

When I was a little younger I realized a few things about writing. One was that, although I felt like I had a gift to write, that gift was just a seed and it needed many hours of practice to help it bloom into what it was meant to be. That is one of the reasons I started this blog. Another was that I knew I could not get there on my own. I had a deep need to know what others thought and felt when they read my words. I needed to know if I was making a difference. (more…)

The Auction

“Well buddy, it looks like it’s just you and me for the night. What do you want to do?”

The words entered Bobby’s room moments before he appeared in the doorway to see the soft glow of a computer screen casting a pale light on his grandson’s face as he sat on his bed. Walter could only think of a handful of times he had seen the slim silver device out of his grandson’s reach. Jenny did not allow him to bring it to church which he thought was a good rule.

“I am going to be in my first auction. It’s an Akedemicz auction.”

Walter walked to the the end of the bed and sat down before asking, “A whosa whatit?”

Bobby looked at his grandpa with the same look his teacher had flashed at him when asked her if Thompson Edison had invented the iPod.


Most Guys

“I want to try something.”

Emma cocked her head to one side, narrowing her green eyes. Auburn hair cascaded over her shoulder when she did. She often paused to think before speaking. It was a little thing, but I found it incredibly attractive.

I turned the key and my little red Honda coughed to life.

“It’s only our second date. What, exactly, would you like to try?”

I chuckled with my best evil villain laugh and pulled away from the curb.


Diary of a Zombie

March 3rd

I found a typewriter in the house of an elderly couple today. After eating them I wondered through the house looking at the pictures. I have only been a zombie for a little more than a week and I must say, it takes some getting used to. Did you know that zombies don’t sleep? I think that’s why we are always so cranky. I can feel my mind and body slowly slipping away. I fear that they will degrade until they come to rest at the lowest level possible for existence. I think I will try to make some zombie friends.