The War

Thick clouds stretched from one horizon to the other, filtering the sun’s light of all the cheerful colors and casting a gray pallor over the landscape. Trees, having cast off their wardrobe of leaves, sat lifeless throughout the land like monuments of seasons filled with the laughter of children.

Adam stood motionless as he studied the army that stretched out before him. Their forces had surpassed a million by the way they covered the land like paint over a canvas. His shoulders rose slowly with a deep inhale of the stale morning air. Having reached their apex, they dropped suddenly as a silent sigh passed through his barely parted lips.

Adam had only joined his side of The War three years ago, but already he grew weary of the endless battles. He could not count how many victories had been wrought by his hands in that time. Lately, questions of purpose plagued his mind. Was there no way to annihilate the enemy once and for all instead of perpetuating this cycle of conquering them, only to wait until they grew strong enough to revolt again? He hated the bitter cold of winter’s kiss, but found himself courting her for the peace she temporarily demanded from both sides.

Turning away from the enemy, Adam found his companions lost in similar thoughts. Murray was a proud warrior who had been paired with Adam from the beginning. His strong build alone could strike fear into any foe, yet he chose to wear his scars from battles past openly for the enemy to tremble at. He sat silently with the well-worn blade that Adam had never seen him parted from.

Adam might not have seen Echo behind the hulking mass of Murray had she not been a head taller than him. In the first battles of The War, he had worried about her a great deal. She took no pleasure in The War, like Adam, but seemed to resist each new battle with growing fervor. None could match her deadly skill, the proof of which could be seen in the trail of parts left her wake, and yet she would not fight the enemy until she had first fought Adam. Even in battle, Adam found himself nudging her to fight almost as often as vanquishing those who stood the tallest before him.

Adam’s eyes returned to the enemy once more. They swayed mockingly in the gentle breeze that swept by. They would not attack first. It was against their code. Adam’s eyes narrowed as he spotted various mercenaries sprinkled throughout the enemies’ ranks. The green they wore differed only slightly from the masses that surrounded them. His side had tried everything from assassins to chemical warfare in an attempt to exterminate these pests from The War, but to no avail.

Another deep breath escaped Adam’s lips.

“It’s time.”

Adam rested his hands on Murray and took one last look at the enemy. His hand curled around the handle and he began a series of pulls with all his strength. The old warrior roared to life on the third pull and began spinning his blade in preparation for the massacre.

Winning the battle was becoming more and more certain with each pass through the yard. Even as thousands fell before them, Adam felt no joy in this victory. There was no doubt that he would win this Saturday, but would he ever win The War?

Copyright © 2012 Adam Drake

Can anyone guess what I have to do today? Grrrrr…



  1. Great narrative. Adam is clearly troubled by the consequences of war. You desribe it so vividly. One question though, is this war a real -life war or is it supposed to be a mystery to readers?

    1. First of all, thank you for the compliment. I guess it did not end as clearly as I thought, but it is just my fictional account of mowing the yard. The bane of my Saturday mornings!

      1. Lol! Knowing this is about mowing the lawn makes it supremely funny. Makes the whole piece come across differently.

  2. Loved this! Perhaps it’s from years of mowing the lawn, but I caught on to the lawnmowing theme at “the green they wore…” Re-reading it after I caught on, there is some excellent humor behind this!

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