The Life of a Writer…



  1. I had writer’s block once. It happened to me in an airport in Hamburg, Germany on a layover. I was sucking down my $7 cup of coffee, which how can one coffee make you pee three times anyway?. I had an hour and a half to kill, and of course I had my trusty notebook that goes everywhere with me so I sat down to write. I mean what could be more inspirational than a layover in Hamburg?

    Darned if this elderly German couple didn’t step up and ask me something in German. Like I speak a word of that! So I courteously pointed out that I only spoke English, and she asked me in perfect English if they could sit down. Crap, she had less of an accent than I do! So yes my name is Belgian, but no I don’t have any family there and that’s not where I’m going, blah, blah and she asked what I was writing.

    I have a thing. It’s a thing, you know? I don’t let people read over my shoulder and I don’t talk about what I’m writing. So I lied. I told her I was writing down all the new things I was learning to say in German. Mis. Take. I tried to write while we talked.

    About 15 minutes before my flight, while I was squirming with the first of those three pees assaulting me in a caffeinated frenzy, they said they really couldn’t stay any longer and the airport was nice but I must be sure to come visit Germany sometime. I looked in horror at my notebook as I tucked it away in my mad dash for the little girls’ room. Nothing but notes on how to say a myriad of things in German.

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