Just A Bit Inside

C’mon man. You’ve waited your whole life for this. All the work. All the sweat and sacrifices. All for that trophy. Breathe. Don’t swing at the first pitch. Watch for the release point, pick up the spin, and see what kind of heat this guy brings.




Alright. This guy’s got nasty stuff, but nothing you can’t handle. Don’t chase if it’s not in your house. Stay loose. Quick hands, quick hands.


“Ball one.”


Ha ha! He’s playing safe. Count’s even. He’s not gonna want to fall behind so look for something over the plate. This is your chance to be a hero. Bottom of the ninth, down by one, Bopper’s on first and we got two outs. If I go yard here it will never be forgotten. Ah! Focus! Get back in the box. Stay loose. Look for that strike but don’t swing at junk. Quick hands, quick hands. Quick… Crushed! GAME OV… no… no… stay fair! STAY FAIR!


“Foul ball!”


Grrrrrrrrrr. I had that. That’s ok. He knows I own him now. No way he throws in there again. He’s scared. He’s gonna waste one. Don’t swing at that junk out of the zone. Stay loose. Protect if you have to. Alright. Here we go. Quick hands, quick hands. Noooooo!


“Ball two.”


Whoooow… I thought he had me. Ha ha. So did he. Oh catcher… don’t ask. You’re just gonna piss him off.


“Just a bit inside.”


I thought for sure that caught the corner. I’ll take it though. It’s 2 and 2. He’s not gonna want to take it full. He’s gonna bring his best pitch. Just stay loose and crush it like the last one. Be patient. Wait back on it so you don’t hook it foul again. All eyes on you. This is your moment. Time to be a hero. Stay loose. Quick hands, quick hands.


“Strike three!”


Noooooooo! Idiot! Why do you have to swing so hard? The one time in your life… Grrrrrr. Idiot. You just cost us the championship. You’re never gonna live this down. Game on the line and you strike out… in softball!

Copyright © 2012 Adam Drake



  1. This read so smooth for being a persons thoughts. They say you should write what you know. I don’t know much about baseball but this was interesting.

  2. Comes off written well, though my lack of interest/knowledge concerning baseball (being in India) made some of it not as relatable as other readers.

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