Dear Addiction

A soft click signaled the release of the lock as Carl swiped his card through the reader. The metal handle felt cold as he pulled the door open. He used his foot to hold the heavy door open while he pushed his cart over the threshold. The sound of shouting caused him to pause.

Light piano music fused with nature sounds floated softly through the short hallway. The emergency fluorescent light reflected off the hardwood floor. Carl listened carefully and heard the ghost of an argument again.

The “Retreat” was broken into four wings that stretched out like the ends of a snowflake. This wing housed the executive offices and Carl had never seen a single soul in it. His heart beat quickened as he stood motionless in the near dark. As his heart slowed to normal he shook of his silly fear and continued forward. The wheels of his cleaning cart squeaked light protests as he edged closer to the muffled shouting. (more…)